TEFL Accreditation

Accreditation Services

ECCD offer accreditation and validation services for organizations who offer or would like to offer Teaching Engilsh as a Foreign Language (TEFL) training either online or at a brick-and-mortar location. Our program evaluators follow the same standards required by the British Council for the training of teachers for employment in schools they accredit within the UK. They visit the organization's training site, observe lessons, interview instructors and administrators, give recommendations and feedback on adhereing to our acceditiation standards, and confirm whether accreditation will continue. For online TEFL courses, online course content is thoroughly reviewed alongside the learning platform. Administrators and teachers are interviewed online via Skype.

Accreditation Standards and Requirements

Our evaluation service checks that organizations seeking accreditation and those that wish to continue to be accredited by ECCD meet the following requirements:

Get ECCD's Accreditation

For those organizations who would like to pursue a TEFL accreditation and receive more details about the accreditation process, including fees, please contact us through our contact form found here.