For Students

The Coterie

“The Coterie” is an eight week course designed to challenge young students who are gifted in the area of creative writing. Students will workshop one creative short story each culminating in a published anthology of successful students after the course. In addition to workshopping their own writing and the work of others, students will read and analyze classic works of short fiction in order to dissect what makes them work. Students will also receive direct instruction on the major elements of creative writing, which will not only give them valuable tools for their creative writing tool kit, but will also help them in their core writing classes at school. After the course, students will (upon parent approval) be added to an online social group where they will have the opportunity to work together with other program alumni for free and possibly compose further anthologies.

For Educators

Hybrid TEFL Course

ECCD offers an International TEFL/TESOL course that will give you the training as well as the qualifications you need to enter into the world of English language teaching. The course will teach you the most up-to-date methodology and techniques of English teaching, give you many hours of teaching practice, assist you in finding employment in China or worldwide and introduce you to a network of lifelong friends and contacts. For those wishing to pursue a long-term career in the ELT field, the course serves as an excellent foundation for a Master’s degree in TESOL/TEFL or applied linguistics, as well as careers in teacher training and school management. For more information and to learn about applying for this course, please click here.