Online Teaching

Our consultants are well versed in pedagogical practices and organizational techniques for all of the major learning management systems (LMS), including Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle. While most of online learning is asynchronous, we’ve also taught classes that have live synchronous components hosted by Blackboard Collaborate and Adobe Connect. We’ve taught the whole spectrum of students, from elementary through graduate school, with our current focus being gifted or accelerated students, and English Language Learners (ELL).

Educational Consulting

ECCD provides consultation in a variety of areas including administration, project management, program evaluation, curriculum assessment and refinement, online teaching, research studies and editing professional papers. ECCD’s consultants are experienced professionals with a track record of success in changing, creating, or innovating within educational institutions of various types. We specialize in helping institutions that are interested in making the move to a hybrid or online program, particularly for special groups such as gifted and profoundly gifted students. While our consultants are well versed in all of the major online Learning Management Systems, our focus is on helping institutions to develop quality programming and pedagogy.

Curriculum Design

The curriculum design services we offer involve learning about the needs and interests of student populations, and then working either independently or in tandem with clients to design courses or units that can be delivered in brick-and-mortar, hybrid, or completely virtual settings. Our curriculum design services come in two different forms: creation or translation. Our designers have decades of experience creating curriculum from scratch for either the brick-and-mortar classroom or the virtual classroom. They are also experts in translating existing brick-and-mortar curriculum into effective online curriculum, thus helping institutions to make the transitions into hybrid or fully online classes. The curriculum we design can be personalized to meet the needs of the students at the particular school site. Teachers will receive not only the curricular materials, but also a detailed unit/course calendar that lays out what he or she should do each day/week, along with training on how to effectively deliver the content. ECCD’s designers are versed in the humanities, mathematics, and science, and are highly trained in the Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas Learning Management Systems. All of the curriculum is tailored to meet either Common Core State Standards or iNACOL online learning standards.

Curriculum Translation

Oftentimes, teachers and schools already have excellent curriculum, but do not have the time or experience to translate the materials into an online format. Our curricular translation services seek to retain the heart of a school’s brick-and-mortar curriculum while modifying the content and pedagogy to fit the unique structure of online learning. Our curriculum team works closely with the teachers who originally designed the curriculum in order to ensure that the teachers are happy with the finished product. While we often modify the content of the courses we translate, the focus is really on pedagogy, as we want the courses to actually function effectively in online spaces. Simply putting content online is not enough; the content actually has to work well within the learning management system. It’s our goal to ensure that students are getting an effective online learning experience. All translation services will adhere to iNACOL standards as well.

Course/Program Evaluation

Our course and program evaluation services are for both brick-and-mortar and online schools. In the case of brick-and-mortar schools, our program evaluators will visit the school site, do a good deal of observation, interview instructors and administrators, learn about the ethos and mission of the school, and then make recommendations on how the school can function more effectively. For online schools, our evaluators thoroughly examine the course content, the use of the learning management system, and the pedagogical plans. We then offer a set of written recommendations and meet with both administrators and individual teachers online via Skype. We adhere to iNACOL standards, which is important if you’re hoping to become an accredited online institution.

TEFL Accreditation

In addition to program evaluation services detailed above, we offer accreditation and validation services for organizations who offer or would like to offer Teaching Engilsh as a Foreign Language (TEFL) training either online or at a brick-and-mortar location. Our program evaluators follow the same standards required by the British Council for the training of teachers for employment in schools they accredit within the UK. They visit the organization's training site, observe lessons, interview instructors and administrators, give recommendations and feedback on adhereing to our acceditiation standards, and confirm whether accreditation will continue. For online TEFL courses, online course content is thoroughly reviewed alongside the learning platform. Administrators and teachers are interviewed online via Skype. For more information about our TEFL accreditation requirements, click here.

Project Management and Consultation

While our team can handle a range of educational projects, we excel at helping schools make the jump to online learning. We research learning management systems, determine the needs of your particular school via meetings and observations, and help you to implement your new online learning program. While our goal for these kinds of projects is to help schools effectively run their own online programs, we can also help via staff trainings, ongoing collaboration, and program evaluation. We’re also available for consultation on preexisting projects, as getting another perspective can help to move things forward.

Educational Training and Mentoring

ECCD offers two different types of training services: large group staff trainings that focus on a subject of the school’s choosing, and one-on-one mentoring for online teachers. For schools that are moving into online learning, we can put together effective and site-specific training sessions that show teachers how to use the new learning management system. We offer live or online seminars in a variety of areas including: educational leadership, English as a Second and/or Foreign Language, general pedagogy, curriculum development for the humanities, gifted education, special education, and health education.

Educational Research

Everyone at ECCD is engaged in research of one kind or another. We tend to focus on the needs and characteristics of gifted students, the state of gifted education, English Language Learners, and online learning techniques. We’ve produced both action research and theoretical papers, resulting in journal publications, conference presentations, and book chapters. ECCD is a group that proudly contributes research and publications to the educational industry. ECCD’s consultants are eager to design and carry out research studies specifically designed to inform educational institutions. We’re always excited to research new populations, and can tailor research to the needs of our clients. We’ve recently done work with the International Gifted Consortium on research on profoundly gifted students. Though ECCD can conduct research on most educational areas, some of our specializations are listed below: